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New CD’s

Since there is a CD revival, the Wig label plans 3 new CD’s for this year!
Ab Baars, Ig Henneman with their NY connection Ingrid Laubrock tenorsax and Tom Rainey drs, aka Perch Hen Brock & Rain did a spontaneous recording in Amsterdam Zaal 100, 28 August 2018. This music will soon be released. It will be their 2nd CD after Live @ the Jazz Happening Tampere 2016.

Ig Henneman's Outside the rain has stopped, named after her string quartet. The cd will contain a selection of the recorded program of her Composer Portrait to celebrate her 75’s birthday in the Orgelpark Amsterdam: compositions and improvisations performed by Ab Baars -sha/cl, Anne La Berge -fl's, Lidy Blijdorp -vlc, Ig Henneman -compositions/vla, Annelie Koning -vce, Gerrie Meijers -org, Janneke van Prooijen -vl, Elisabeth Smalt -vla, Jellantsje De Vries -vl, Alistair Sung -vlc, Ansgar Wallenhorst -org, Anneke Brassinga -poems

Ab Baars recorded in duo with French musician Isabelle Duthoit, clarinet and voice, on Oct 10, 2021 in the Bimhuis Amsterdam before and during the International Catalytic Sound Festival. This duo met before but never recorded. Their mutual interest in the Japanese culture is an inspiration.

CD #CAA-040 In January, Baars Henneman Warelis released
O hushed October Catalytic Artist Album for members only. A recording of a spontaneous trio session at the Prinsengracht 1009 in Amsterdam (NL) during lockdown October 16, 2020. Ab Baars shakuhachi nohkan clarinet tenor saxophone, Ig Henneman viola, Marta Warelis piano

Ab Baars will present a new trio: Baars Buis Deman. A new collaboration with Berlinde Deman on tuba and serpent.
February 23 Eindhoven (NL)
February 24 Amsterdam (NL)

February 27 Duo Baars Henneman will play a house concert at Geraardsbergen (B)
March 26 Duo Baars Henneman concert Knockvologan, during a residency Mull (UK)

Concert tours
Due to Covid-19 there are no tours planned at the moment.

Ig is working on the video registration
IG HENNEMAN 75 composer improviser knight:
The program of Henneman’s Orgelpark Composers Portrait for her 75th birthday on 12-9-2021, plus the speech of deputy mayor of Amsterdam Touria Meliani who presented Ignatine Henneman the award Ridder in de orde van Oranje-Nassau. That award Henneman received for her great contribution in the field of contemporary and improvised music. The concert program contains new work for organ, for string quartet, improvisations and earlier compositions. The project is supported by the Orgelpark Amsterdam, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and the Wig Foundation. Compositions and Improvisations performed by Ab Baars -sha/cl, Anne La Berge -fl's, Lidy Blijdorp -vlc, Ig Henneman -compositions/vla, Annelie Koning -vce, Gerrie Meijers -org, Janneke van Prooijen -vl, Elisabeth Smalt -vla, Jellantsje De Vries -vl, Alistair Sun -vlc, Ansgar Wallenhorst -org, Anneke Brassinga -poems.

Ab Baars and Ig Henneman will have a residency at Knockvologan on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. They will prepare and perform their program
Glig Glig Glig inspired by the Isle of Mull: literature, poetry, nature, Gaelic songs and language a.o. The presentation will be on March 26.

Henneman new compositions
At the moment Henneman is working on her composition
Diep bloost de zee for Orkest De Ereprijs. The work is inspired by sotto voce of poet B. Zwaal. Premiere April 24 in Apeldoorn (NL).
And Ig works on Beweiss zu nichts an adaptation of her composition
Hinter der Wand (1994-2020) on poems of Ingeborg Bachmann. On request of soprano Bauwien van der Meer the instrumentation will be expanded: str4, harp, organ and soprano. The composition will be played in her program Van Donker naar Licht. Premiere April 30, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht (NL)

Wig label
See New CD’s, where we tell you about Baars en Henneman considering new releases. They will keep you posted.
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