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Wig label celebrates its 25th anniversary
The Wig label is the cd label for the music of Henneman, Baars and kindred spirits: a long adventurous road of 25 years together with 37 musicians from different collaborations in working bands and projects.

all musicians in order of first label appearance:
Ig Henneman ˙ Wilbert de Joode ˙ Fred van Duynhoven ˙ Bart van der Putten ˙ Hein Pijnenburg ˙ Mary Oliver ˙ Mariette Rouppe van der Voort ˙ Michiel Scheen ˙ Jannie Pranger ˙ Vera Vingerhoeds ˙ Wolter Wierbos ˙ Felicity Provan ˙ Katrien Ex ˙ Ab Baars ˙ Ilse van de Kasteelen ˙ Michael Moore ˙ Tristan Honsinger ˙ Lorre Lynn Trytten ˙ Han Buhrs ˙ Theo Jörgensmann ˙ Lori Freedman ˙ Steve Arguëlles ˙ Oene van Geel ˙ Alex Waterman ˙ Misha Mengelberg ˙ Martin van Duynhoven ˙ Guus Janssen ˙ Godelieve Schrama ˙ Marilyn Lerner ˙ Joost Buis ˙ Ken Vandermark ˙ Axel Dörner ˙ Fay Victor ˙ Vincent Chancey ˙ Ingrid Laubrock ˙ Tom Rainey ˙ Dave Burrell
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North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam(NL) invited Perch Hen Brock & Rain featuring Baars, Henneman, Laubrock and Rainey to perform on July 10.

November Music, Den Bosch(NL) invited Ig Henneman to program a concert with her Solo Songs for Instruments and with Duo Baars-Henneman for Sunday November 13. Solo Song for violin - In the Storm of Roses (2014) played by Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Solo Song for viola –Ten Lines (2015) played by Elisabeth Smalt, Solo Song for bass clarinet/clarinet – The Motion Caused (2016) played by Anna voor de Wind, Solo Song for bassoon – Hardwood Floorboards (2016) played by Dana Jessen, plus Ab Baars shakuhachi, clarinet and Ig Henneman viola.
In Tilburg De Pont a preview concert on 23/10
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Wig label
The Wig label will celebrate its 25th anniversary (1991-2016) with a special Wig 25 CD release; Ab Baars and Ig Henneman invited iconic jazz pianist composer Dave Burrell for a concert/recording with the duo on Saturday September 24 at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam
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New CD

RPR 1051, Relative Pitch Records, a New York based record label, will release the first Perch Hen Brock & Rain CD in collaboration with our Wig label. The CD Live@ The Tampere Jazz Happening is a registration by the Finnish radio at the Tampere Jazz Happening 2014. Release concert North Sea Jazz Festival Rotterdam July 10 where Baars Henneman Laubrock and Rainey will perform
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Concert tour
Ab Baars will do a solo tour in December. Furthermore he will be playing/touring with ICP Orchestra, Klaus Ellerhusen-Holm, Luc Ex' Assemblee and Kaja Draksler Octet.
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Duo Baars-Henneman toured Holland, Poland and Germany
with their new program Canzoni di Primavera in a double bill with the Ab Baars Trio or Ab's new trio Fish-Scale Sunrise

Ab Baars did a Scandinavian solo tour that brought him to Kopenhagen, Trondheim and Oslo where he also played duo with Belgium pianist Fred van Hove at All Ears festival
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Baars-Buis (with trombonist Joost Buis) performed their new program Tonk - the music of Duke Ellington at the Concertgemaal Wind Festival in Amsterdam
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Composition premieres Ig Henneman
Feather-Light Monkeys for three bass clarinets commissioned by the Basklarinet Festijn 2016 with financial support of the Performing Arts Fund NL. Premiered Januari 24 at LantarenVenster Rotterdam (NL) by Fie Schouten, Marij van Gorkom and Laura Carmichael.

Solo Song for bassoon - Hardwood Floorboards (2016) played by Dana Jessen will be premiered at November Music Festival 13/11 in a concert together with Henneman's other three Solo Songs for Instruments
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