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New CD's  Ig Henneman Jamie Branch Anne La Berge Dropping Stuff and other Folk Songs released at Relative Pitch Records RPR 1094, in collaboration with Wig Records #Wig 29 Duo Baars-Buis Tonk #Wig 30 to be expected in the fall
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Duo Baars Henneman was invited for the Trytone Festival by Boi Akih (Monica Akihary voice, Niels Brouwer guitar) for a concert/recording and a Trytone session.
Duo Baars Henneman at the Dutch Music Institute exhibition opening in The Hague. Ig Henneman wrote
Allusion to Insects for that occasion.
Duo Baars Henneman played at the presentation of poet Anneke Brassinga’s new selection of poems 
Verborgen tuinen in Perdu, Amsterdam
Concerts of the Ab Baars Trio
EYE Filmmuseum screening of the silent movie
The Women of Rjazan by Olga Preobrasjenska (1928)
with score written by Ig Henneman in 1984
Ab Baars solo concerts in October in the Netherlands and an Ab Baars solo tour in the USA April May 2020

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Ig Henneman is invited by the Orgelpark Amsterdam for Composers Portrait on11-22-20. The program will contain new work for organ, for string quartet, and older compositions. It is also a celebration of her 75th birthday.

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Concert tours

Canada tour September 2019: Duo Baars-Henneman is invited by Canadian duo Mercury (Lori Freedman bass clarinet, Nick Caiola bass) for a Canada tour in September. They will also perform as quartet NAIL
USA tour April May 2020: Ab Baars' solo tour
Poor Wheel. Ab will do a 3 week USA round trip.
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Henneman at the publishing house Donemus

Ig Henneman has her own webpage at Donemus now as a Featured Composer. You will find Soundcloud and YouTube links to some of her written music. The published compositions you find in the Donemus webshop.

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Henneman new compositions
At the moment Henneman is working on new compositions for her 2020 Composers Portrait at the Orgelpark in Amsterdam (November 22 2020).
She will write an organ solo and a string quartet.

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Wig label
The Wig label is still going strong. A collaboration with New York based label Relative Pitch Records (RPR) and Wig culminated in: Ab Baars' Fish-Scale Sunrise No queen rises RPR 1075, and Ig Henneman Jamie Branch Anne La Berge Dropping Stuff and other Folk Songs RPR 1094/Wig 29
For the fall we expect Wig 30 Duo Baars Buis
Tonk (Ab Baars clarinet, tenorsax, shakuhachi and Joost Buis trombone) Ellington allusions.

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