Ab Baars - Solo

Ab Baars’s irresistible jazz improvisations
Frank van Dixhoorn

A couple of years ago, a book was published on a man who after ancient models built impressive temples and castles on the beach which were subsequently ruined and devoured by merciless winds and tides. At the Vredenburg concert hall, where he set out on a series of solo concerts, reed player Ab Baars irresistibly called for comparisons with that lonesome architect. With satanic relish the sand builder invested every bit of his energy in solid, well-designed structures full of unexpected details and interesting transitions, a relish that became all the more vigourous with the approach of high tide.

Baars proves that his concept can keep its grip on the audience for at least an hour and most likely longer. The fact that the notes of today are wiped out tomorrow by a high tide of choices he himself makes, are an integral part of that selfsame concept.

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