Ab Baars - tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi
Joost Buis - trombone
Berlinde Deman - tuba, serpent
The combination of three horns can suggest the festive, staccato energy of a marching band, the steaming front line of a New Orleans jazz ensemble or maybe… just three people breathlessly waiting for a rhythm section. This trio is something else. BaarsBuisDeman is nothing less than a veritable dream ensemble, capable of an infinite array of sound colors, from the lowest tuba-low to the highest shakuhachi-high and all (well, most of) the sounds in between. 
The trio plays compositions by Ab Baars - whimsical, lyrical, crazy and unruly - as well as spontaneous open improvisations. The result is a slightly askew kind of chamber jazz, revelling in the free and spontaneous, while avoiding the heavy-handed and predictable. Instead, it might resemble a humorous dance, involving graceful movements and sudden feints, with occasional hints to the jazz book and the spirit of reinvention throbbing with stubborn dependability.

About the musicians:
In addition to permanent and long-term ensembles such as the ICP Orchestra, his own trio and a duo with composer/viola player Ig Henneman,
Ab Baars is always developing new, small-scale initiatives. He has had a strong musical relationship with trombonist Joost Buis for a long time, dating back to an Ellington-project by the Ab Baars Trio in 2005: Kinda Dukish. The pair still play, wherever they can, as a special duo. In 2020, they released Moods For Roswell, an album with inspired Ellington/Strayhorn-interpretations, dedicated to the late, great trombone master Roswell Rudd.  

That duo has now expanded into a trio,
with the addition of Belgian tuba player
Berlinde Deman.
She is mainly known from the great orchestra Flat Earth Society, but she recently also made an impression as part of the ‘Secular Psalms’-project by American trumpeter Dave Douglas. There she could also be heard on serpent, a medieval predecessor of the tuba. On both instruments, she offers Baars a wonderful addition to the sound palette of his compositions.