Wig 32 reviews

Outside the Rain has Stopped
release September 1 2022

In the Dutch daily paper TROUW

Ig Henneman "Outside the Rain Has Stopped" ****
Few people dare to be as extreme in their musical choices as composer and viola player Ig Henneman. Her oeuvre, revealing an immense drive, is uncompromising and above all totally individual in an unruly way. However angular and steep the rhythms and melodies often are, this is music that communicates almost in spite of itself, that never makes it easy for the listener, but at the same time always reaches out. It is music that, precisely because Henneman does not seem at all intent on it, often touches the listener particularly deeply. In honour of Henneman's 75th birthday, "Outside the Rain Has Stopped" once again brings together her interests and qualities. For instance, her love of poetry is contained in a piece based on a poem by the equally unruly poet Emily Dickinson and two readings by Dutch poet Anneke Brassinga. The six musical works are mutually distinct. Yet you can immediately hear Henneman's hand in them. Organs play a major role in half of the pieces. A golden touch, because the organ, grand and elusive, is right up her street. Just take the unforgettable opening piece "Galina U", an ode to Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006). After just a few notes, you know you've never heard anything like this before.
-Mischa Andriessen, Trouw 30 September 2022

Salt Peanuts
... an original, exciting, beautiful, melancholic and lovely record.
Jan Granlie SaltPeanuts 20-10-2022

Nieuwe Noten
[...] The magnificent 'February's Turn' for organ solo was commissioned by the Orgelpark and written by Henneman in close collaboration with Gerrie Meijers, who also performs it here. The great attention to sound that Henneman exhibits in her compositions can be heard nicely in this particular piece, as well as those "disordered and dark sounds", something that we also recognise in the string quartet from which the album takes its title, 'Outside the Rain Has Stopped', here beautifully performed by the Luna String Quartet [...] https://www.nieuwenoten.nl/?p=15205
Ben Taffijn 2 november 2022

In the Belgian magazine Gonzo#172: again good words about the album 'Outside the Rain has Stopped' Wig #32. [...This album gives a beautiful and celebratory glimpse into the world Henneman wishes to inhabit... Open forms in which not only she and Baars are masters, but also flute player Anne la Berge and cellist Lidy Blijdorp....The improvisations are always a feast for these ears, which love to be led into unknown distances...] (RvP)]