Outside the Rain has Stopped

Ab Baars -tenorsax clarinet, shakuhachi
Anne La Berge -flutes
Lidy Blijdorp -cello
Anneke Brassinga -poems
Ig Henneman -compositions, viola
Annelie Koning -vocals
Gerrie Meijers -organ
Janneke van Prooijen -violin
Elisabeth Smalt -viola
Alistair Sung -cello
Jellantsje de Vries -violin
Ansgar Wallenhorst -organ

1 2022

Galina U (2001/2021)
performed by Ab Baars clarinet, Ig Henneman viola, Anne la Berge flutes, Ansgar Wallenhorst hyperorgan
Solo Song for cello –As if – (2019)
performed by Lidy Blijdorp cello
February’s Turn (2020) for organ solo
performed by Gerrie Meijers at the Verschueren organ
Orgelend -een improvisatie voor ih (2021) Anneke Brassinga reads 01:58
Improvisation Duo Baars Henneman on clarinet and viola 03:11
Heen (2006) Anneke Brassinga reads 01:11
Bow Valley (2005/2021) for flutes, soundscape and improvisation
performed by Anne La Berge flutes, Ab Baars shakuhachi, Annelie Koning vocals, Gerrie Meijers organ
Outside the Rain has Stopped (YouTube)(2021) for string quartet performed by Luna String Quartet: Janneke van Prooijen violin, Jellantsje de Vries violin, Elisabeth Smalt viola, Alistair Sung cello 11:26
total time 71:09
Outside the Rain has Stopped is a collection of music that represents different phases of my long musical journey. Listening back I realized that these pieces, all together, represent the perspective I created out of my experiences in rock music, poetry, jazz, improvisation, colours, experimental and classical music: it's my world.
"Galina U" is an ode to the Russian composer Galina Ustvolskaya, written as a foundation from which to improvise on her characteristic dynamic extremes and structural severity. "Solo Song for Cello –As if –" is inspired by the poem "I felt a Cleaving in my Mind" from Emily Dickinson. The poem is treated like a song, and there is room for guided improvisation. "February's Turn" is a long languid investigation into the magnificent colours of the Verschueren organ, a Cavaillé-Coll type. The poem "Orgelend -een improvisatie voor ih" is my 75th birthday present from Anneke Brassinga. Anneke's voice is also featured in her poem about loss "Heen". She is reading as if her words are sounds. Duo Baars-Henneman's improvisation complements Brassinga's words. This is a collaboration that has taken place many times throughout the years. "Bow Valley" is an autobiographical soundscape featuring the Canadian Rocky Mountains; the field recordings in and around my studio form a layer on which the musicians find their way with both improvisation and a notated score. Lastly, the title track "Outside the Rain has Stopped" is a stringquartet from which the pianist/improviser Cecil Taylor’s intuitive, energetic, loosely structured flow was an important source of inspiration.
This is where I am.
-Ig Henneman

See also the video 'IG HENNEMAN 75 composer improviser knight' on WigRecords youtube channel. The video, subtitled in English, is documenting the whole concert with spoken explanations, plus the award presentation Ig appointed knight.

release date September 1 2022

all compositions Ig Henneman
buma stemra
publishing house Donemus

tr 3. recording Bert van Dijk 20-2-2021, Orgelpark Amsterdam NL
mixing and editing Bert van Dijk, Ig Henneman
tr 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. recording Micha de Kanter 12-9-2021, Orgelpark Amsterdam NL
mixing Micha de Kanter, Ig Henneman
editing and mastering Niels Brouwer
design & photography Francesca Patella
cover art Ab Baars
produced by Ig Henneman

with support of the Orgelpark Amsterdam, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Wig Foundation, and of Andrew Choate for reading along

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