Wig 31


Solo Songs for Instruments
release November 14 2020

.[...] Ig Henneman has discovered a third route, a fusion of the Lied's finesse with the straightforwardness of a jam session. Her Solo Songs for bassoon, bass clarinet, violin, viola and cello trace a semi-improvised road towards song, starting from an instrument. The musician plays, and plays on, till a tipping point is reached where text presents itself as an answer to the questions uttered by the notes as they were groping, searching, dancing, growling, whining. At this point, replete with climactic musical energy, the musician starts to sing, pressed by an urgency too strong for the voice to withhold: it must speak out. It is the turning point. The words of Ingeborg Bachmann, Anneke Brassinga, Emily Dickinson, Sarah Lawson and Nanao Sakaki provide first aid, in magical ambiguity. [...]
-Bas van Putten

There is a constant dialogue in the work of Ig Henneman that makes her music extraordinarily exciting. On the one hand the will to find the ultimate consequence of a musical thought. On the other hand the ability to accept the opportunities and limitations of the moment. Together this means that you will not be overheard on these five solo pieces for cello, violin, bass clarinet, viola and bassoon.
--Mischa Andriessen Dutch daily paper Trouw

[…] Excited episodes are followed by calm, relaxation, pauses, sections of almost unearthly beauty and great, strange expression, purity.
--(haun) freistil Magazine Austria 2021

Dear Ignatine Hermina Maria, how beautiful the CD is. This is how an inspiration comes to life! Such music did not exist yet.
--poet Anneke Brassinga

For Solo Songs for Instruments, Dutch violist/composer Ig Henneman forged a new standard in the integration of artform, with each selection viscerally inspired by works of international literature. […] however it’s clear that each instrumental work, all of which incorporate improvisation, were shaped as much about the performer as writer.
--John Pietaro NewYorkCityJazzRecords 2021

[…] inspired and very close to perfect compositions and performances.
--Eyal Hareuveni Salt Peanuts 2021