Wig 28
Canzoni di Primavera
Duo Baars - Henneman


(...) Right from the very first note, there is something special going on here. The clarinet and viola erupt in tight phrases, dancing around one another in intense orbits.(...) No matter how far the duo goes out at times, there is a sense that they've been working together for a long time, bending notes together or around one another in a most organic, human way. Often sublime but rarely too much so.
--Bruce Lee Gallanter DMG (NY)

(...) there is that indefinable that gives magic to every note. Magic that makes the listener taste the touches of lightness of spring.
--Rinus van der Heijden JazzNu

(...) Over the course of its history, the duo's work has been distinguished by its seamlessness - between tone colors, and composed and improvised materials - qualities that repeatedly come into play in a program that mirrors the day-to-day fluctuations of weather in early spring. Previously recorded pieces from as early as Henneman's 1993 tentet album, Dickinson, also provide a poignant sub-plot of return. Canzoni di Primavera confirms that the music of Duo Baars-Henneman continues to grow and deepen._
--Bill Shoemaker Point of Departure

Viele der Lichtblicke entstehen aus einem Grundrauschen, das sich wie ein Nebel sukzessive lichtet und Klänge von gnadenlöser Schönheit freilegt.
--freistill (felix)

(...) Baars and Henneman interplay is much more than intimate or even telepathic. This chamber-like interplay radiates the thoughtful, rich and profound layers of communication between these articulate soloists. You can find in their conversational duets sparks of irony, wickedness and playfulness, vulnerability and passion, poetic ideas and obviously, the wisdom of experienced improvisers with attentive, elephantine ears. (...) After listening again and again to this great album you know that April does not have to be the cruelest month. It can be one of the most beautiful and inspiring months.
--Eyal Hareuveni Salt Peanuts