Canzoni di Primavera

AB BAARS tenorsax/clarinet/shakuhachi

liner notes:

moving forward after 'Autumn Songs' the duo now chooses spring as their muse 'Canzoni di Primavera'

about Autumn Songs (Wig 22)

"Even in free improvisation mode, this duo is in sync. That, and the unique melodicism arising from their duets, are what makes Autumn Songs an artistic success, an example of musical perfection."
-Francois Couture

"The music balances breathy notes against woody tones, as the pair recites their musical wordless poetry."
-Mark Corroto

"All pieces consist of composed themes that form the outset for improvisations. There is nothing exceptional in this by itself, but the way both musicians expand on the theme, and the way the other musician then takes this expansion as a basis for further exploration, is exceptional. Even more so, because they are not afraid to use dissonance as a key ingredient of their sound."
-Stef Gijssels

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