Ig Henneman Sextet
Live @ The Ironworks Vancouver

I'm very pleased to present this new album, the culmination of the 2012 Canada Festival Tour with this wonderful group of musicians.
The Vancouver concert was a lovely performance featuring mostly new material. These new compositions were completed while I was in residency at the Banff Arts Center. The band really came together that night at The Ironworks. The next day after listening back I was so pleased with the live recording that I decided to release it. No edits were needed and all pieces are presented entirely as performed.
So, completely unexpected here it is, our second release with the Ig Henneman Sextet in just 18 months, following our debut ‘Cut a Caper’!
–Ig Henneman

This is a stunning document with a unique sense of synergy. Full of improvisations that allow the members to express themselves while genuinely interacting with the implications of the compositions.
--John Dikeman