ERR 32
Aforismen Aforisme Aforismes
release December 2020

Baars Dumitriu Henneman Sola

Liner notes:

Romanian george d wanted to know more about the viola and so became ig's viola friend. she heard the catalan pau s play a cello solo set and invited him to play duo improvisations. he suggested to do a string trio session another time. a date was set with d s and h. the neighbor upstairs ab b was invited to join on shakuhachi for the last hour. the absolute joy of improvising on wooden instruments... a quartet was born. in the summer of 2019 george and pau spontaneously organized a recording session in the bernard haitink hall of the amsterdam university of the arts. this culminated in the album aforismen aforisme aforismes. all track titles are named after the various soil types from the countries we are born in: holland romania spain.
-Ig Henneman